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Mar 13, 2013 6:00am PDT
producer of natural gas and producers want to sell more overseas. the country's energy minister says he hopes to reach a deal to increase exports to japan. alexander novak met in tokyo with the japanese trade and industry minister. they got together ahead of prime minister shinzo abe's scheduled trip to russia next month. novak said liquefied natural gas would be high on the agenda during abe's visit. he added that russian officials are working on plans to export lng from russia's far eastern and arctic regions. he said surging imports of lng have played a big role in driving up japan's trade deficit. the japanese have relied on imported fuel since the fukushima nuclear disaster two years ago. japanese officials will focus on price when deciding whether to import russian gas. russian officials are concerned about an oversupply of natural gas in the future. they face rising competition now from shale gas producers in the united states. >>> tokyo gas has unveiled what will be the world's largest underground storage tank for the natural gas. the facility is expected to be completed in july
Mar 15, 2013 6:00am PDT
charge of energy, social security and other policies. >>> china's citizens grew increasingly dissatisfied with the government's handling of a range of problems during wen's ten years in office. now they're waiting to see how li keqiang could steer the country into the future. nhk world reports from beijing. >> reporter: the members of national people's congress overwhelmingly approved li's appointment as premier. wen was known as a leader with a common touch. but li projects a more elite image. li also is from a different political base, the newly elected president, xi jinping. some question how much influence li will be able to exert within the government. but one expert suggests that china's approach to leadership is changing along with the names of the people at the top. >> i think the emerging leadership will be more group leadership, rather than the leadership dominated by a charismatic leader. so i would not differentiate xi jinping and li keqiang. >> reporter: on the political front, the public is intense its demands for freedom of expression. there have also been mass protests aga
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2